Cloudshadow Summerdroop

A short adorable elfin girl with a bright-red hooded cloak and two bastard swards.


str 18 dex 15 con 10 wis 15 int 8 cha 10

defenses: ac 14 will 12 reflex 13 fortitude 15 Hp: 22 Healing surges: 6

skills: nature +7 acrobatics +7 athletics +9 perception +7 stealth +7

Feats: level 1: weapon prof (bsword)

Features: Two-Wapoon fight Hunter’s Quarry -Mark nearest enemy as quarry as minor action. 1nce/rnd add 1d6 damage against quarry.

basic attack: +7 v AC, 1d10+4

at-will powers hit & run: +7 v AC, 1d10+4 -can move after attack w/o AOO from target. Twin Strike: Two attacks +7 v ac 1d10 each

encounter power two-fanged strike: Two attacks +7 v ac 1d10+4 each +2 damage if both hit

Daily POwer Jaws of the wolf: Two attacks +7 v ac 2d10+4 each. Half damage if miss.


While Cloudshadow’s bright-red cloak is the most striking aspect of her appearance, a closer look reveals a more subdued tone. Beneath the cloak, deep-blue leather armor is adorned with a dull gold woven belt and matching dirty gold boots. While her face can be animated and at times even brim with excitement and wonder, it seems to rest most comfortably in a sullen empty gaze—though if you ever call her on it, it will quickly shift to a smirk and a laugh that makes you question its very existence.

Cloudshadow’s mother died during childbirth, under the glistening sun of the brightest summer equinox of a century. Her father, driven mad with greif and being of the weaker sex, was tricked by a wicked warlock into sacrificing his soul to bring her mother back. Of course the return of Cloudshadow’s mother was an empty promise and she was left orphaned just days after coming into the world. The community she was born into believed her to be bad luck and left her on the steps of an orphanage in a nearby city. There she led a rag-tag childhood, scrapping and scruffing and rummaging and hustling out a meager existence until joining the army at the young age of 16. It is there that she made her first true friend: her barracks bunkmate, a young dragonborn named Yavsa. Yavsa treated her with respect and kindness and showed her for the first time what loyalty and comraderie could mean. But there was a fundamental difference between the two: while Cloudshadow was happy to return the loyalty Yavsa extended her, she could not understand the loyalty Yavsa held for the army, realizing after her first battle that being pawns in the power struggles of the priviledged was no way to live and certainly no way to die. Cloudshadow repeatedly tried to convince Yavsa to leave the army over the course of their year together, but ultimately Yavsa fell to an enemy’s blade in a wholly honorable act of pointless heroism. Cloudshadow picked up Yavsa’s sword and left the battlefield alone. She has been wandering the lands ever since, fighting only by her own accord and only for the good of the meak or her purse.

Cloudshadow Summerdroop

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