A tall dark tiefling who gives you the uncofertable felling he is trying to figure out the best way to kill you, just in case it comes up.


Burakas stands 6’1” with black hair and eyes, dull red skin and mat black hide armor.

Burakas has a thoughtful air about him that would case you to say he was distracted, except he often knows what is going on better then you do. It is more that he is constantly studying the situation and everything in it, and trying to decide what to do. This studying is often more then a little uncomfortable since he seems to regard you as just another thing to figure out. Perhaps he is best described by his answer as to his profession when you where all first hired.

“I’m an adventurer, well lets just say I’m exploring the world and keeping my options open. But I’m in a fight, better if you will listen to me, and even better if we can trust each other, but I don’t hold a lot of hope for that last one.”


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