Audric Lillehei

Plagued with an inveterate curiosity, fascinated by the breadth & scope of the world, socially spry. More likely to "experiment" on a foe than to "do battle" with them.


Audric Lillehei (say “AW-drik LILLA-hi”) Level 1 Halfling Warlock, Star Pact 3’11”, 78 lb, Speed 6

STR 11 (+0) CON 10 (+0) DEX 15 (+2) INT 14 (+2) WIS 12 (+1) CHA 18 (+4)

AC 12 (14 vs opportunity attacks) Fort 10 Ref 13 Will 15

Max HP 22 (Bloodied at 11) Surges for 5 HP, 6 times per day

Skills: Acrobatics +4 Arcana +2 Athletics +0 Bluff +9 (trained) Diplomacy +4 Dungeoneering +1 Endurance +0 Heal +1 History +7 (trained) Insight +1 Intimidate +4 Nature +1 Perception +1 Religion +7 (trained) Stealth +2 Streetwise +4 Thievery +9 (trained)

Feats: Halfling Agility – When Audric uses Second Chance, the rerolled attack is at -2

Racial: Speaks Common and Elven +5 to saves versus fear +2 to AC versus opportunity attacks +2 to Acrobatics and Thievery Second Chance – Encounter power – Audric can force a reroll of one attack that hit him

Class: Warlock’s Curse – Once per turn, minor action, cursed enemies take an extra d6 from Audric’s attacks Prime Shot – If no allies are closer than Audric to his target, he gets +1 to his ranged attacks versus that target Shadow Walk – If Audric moves at least 3 squares away from his origin square in a turn, he gains concealment until the end of his next turn Fate of the Void – If a cursed enemy drops to 0 or fewer HP, Audric gets +1 to one d20 roll during his next turn

Attacks: Eldritch Blast – At will – Arcane, Implement – Standard action – Ranged 10 – CHA versus Ref, d10 + CHA mod damage

Dire Radiance – At will – Arcane, Fear, Implement, Radiant – Standard action – Ranged 10 – CON versus Fort, d6 + CON mod damage, if target moves closer on its next turn it takes another d6 + CON mod damage

Dreadful Word – Encounter – Arcane, Fear, Implement, Psychic – Standard action – Ranged 5 – CHA versus Will, 2d8 + CHA mod damage, target takes a Will defense penalty of 1 + CHA mod until end of Audric’s next turn

Curse of the Dark Dream – Daily – Arcane, Charm, Implement, Psychic – Standard action – Ranged 10 – CHA versus Will, 3d8 + CHA mod damage, slide the target 3 squares – sustain with a minor action, slide the target 1 square (save ends)

Gear: Leather armor Dagger Sickle Sling 40 sling bullets Fine clothing Backpack Bedroll Flint and steel Belt pouch 10 days of rations 50’ hemp rope 2 sunrods Waterskin

Carry 110 lb Lift 220 lb Drag 550 lb


Fleeing the destruction of the small halfling village of Gunddlet with a donkey, two saddlebags of supplies, and his very pregnant wife, Audric’s father vowed to build a safe life for his family in the bustling trading city known as Eutre. Despite the speed that fear lent their feet, the young Lillehei couple reached the gates of Eutre too late to gain entrance for the evening, and Audric was born that night in the shadow of the city’s walls and the sight of the stars.

His father found work as a stablehand, and his mother bent her innate mechanical skill to good use mending pocketwatches. But barely a year passed before sorrow befell the Lilleheis once again. A spooked horse in the market square ran down both of Audric’s parents with a heavy cart, the baby fortuitously landing in an open barrel of pickles (with a resounding splash, an intense odor of brine, but no lasting damage).

Faced with an orphaned halfling baby in a town with no real halfling community, the governing council elected to foist the boy off on a temple of elven academics living in a commune in the nearby woods. There Audric was raised to nurture his inborn curiosity, study assiduously, and cherish the life of the mind.

But as in any good origin story, Audric’s days of these pleasures were numbered. His nose for an interesting tome led him into forgotten corners of the elves’ library, an unused tower brimming with telescopes, scrying agents, and heaps upon heaps of volumes of forbidden lore. The elves eyed this fascination with an uneasy spirit, but chose to let Audric follow his own path. But when he began practical experimentation, actually using the secrets he glimpsed beyond the stars, Audric’s mentors knew something must be done. Following an ill-fated attempt at intervention came an ugly parting of the ways, with the still-young halfling blazing forth into the world to seek his fortune, elated to be finally free of the well-meaning tutors who stood silently in the doors of their dwellings and watched his receding form with sorrow.

Next up: some keep or something?

Audric Lillehei

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