You have all been hired by the scholar Parle Cranewing to travel out near Winterhaven and map the old Keep of the Shadowfell for the grand some of 250 gp! It is more then a little unclear why he wants it mapped—something about history, something about state security (what state is even more unclear), a little something about real estate prospecting. The bottom line is that the crazy old bastard wants it mapped, is willing to pay, and has left you with the distinct impression that there might be some old loot out there.

He has insisted on hiring all of you because traders have stopped traveling out to Winterhaven due to road-side bandits, which he has encouraged you to slaughter to your hearts’ contents, although he has made it clear that it is not part of your contract. On the other hand, the prospect of slaughtering some road-side bandits and reappropriating their loot seems to be half of why the Teiflings are here.

Smuffin For Keeps

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